Geni-Tec 2-Bay Charger

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Geni-Tec 2-Bay Charger
Brand: Bytec Healthcare
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Geni-Tec™ Power Applications 2-Bay Charger


·         Standalone hot-swappable dual pack system, easily adaptable for use with Geni-Cart

·         Power System Product of the Year 2013 - Elektra Awards (European Electronics Excellence Awards) ● Ergonomic, lightweight and portable  design for quick “Snap and Go” module changes

·         Power Modules can be charged whilst workstation is operating (when connected to a DC mains adapter)

·         Smooth profile is easily cleaned - reducing risk of cross contamination

·         Online management system for remote monitoring of battery and system usage

Input Voltage 28VDC External PSU (GEN-PSU-220)
Input Current 7.0 A (max) (90-264VAC Adapter)
Charge Current 3.75 A (max/bay)
Recharge Time 2.75 hrs (typ)
Operating Temperature 1°C to 40°C (34°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature -10°C to 35°C (14°F to 95°F)
Charge Method Smart (Multi Chemistry)
Compliance CE, FCC
Net Weight 2.05 kg
Shipping Weight 2.80 kg
Installation method Wall Mount

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