Rapier 35P Series

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Rapier 35P
Brand: MAV Systems Ltd
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Rapier 35 range of cameras all include an ANPR camera and integrated IR with or without an inbuilt overview camera alongside.

Rapier 35 cameras have 12x zoom capabilities as standard to give exactly the field of view required, not limited by fixed focal length lenses. The zoom and focus capabilities can be easily preset and moved dynamically.

Rapier 35 Dual/Mono models support license plate recognition up to 30+ metres. For increased distance and illumination, the Rapier 50 models offer greater IR intensity to match challenging lighting and plate conditions. The Rapier range also includes standalone lighting units to provide additional illumination that is fully synchronised.

Rapier 35 models offer multi-level frame-by-frame variations that can provide high quality images from differing plate characteristics. High grade image quality from Rapier 35 delivers even better recognition capability to ANPR systems.


Recognition Range - Typically 3 to 30+ metres using 850nm illumination on EU retro reflective plates

Illumination - Pulsed array of multichip LEDs (White Light, 850) or with lenses

Optics - 12x optical zoom, lens equivalent f=3.7 to 44.4mm, HFoV 53.6° (Wide) to 4.6° (Tele), F1.6 to F28.

IR Filtering - ANPR images optically filtered using high transmissivity custom designed bandpass filters

Images - 752(H) x 582(V) effective picture elements, 680 TVL, Day/Night IR Cut, Colour/B&W

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